Charlotte Tilbury Store Pre-Launch

To set this site off with a bang, I thought I would delve into one of my favourite nights of 2015 (November 27th 2015 to be precise), when I was lucky enough to be invited to the pre-launch of the make-up aficionado, Charlotte Tilbury’s brand new Covent Garden store.

We were greeted with a glass of bubbles as we walked into the glimmering Rose-Gold themed shop. It’s honestly like a treasure trove, whether you are a make-up obsessive or not, I can guarantee that your inner Magpie tendencies will kick into action the minute you look around at all the golden goodness on display.

If you are a fan of Charlotte’s already… well let’s just say this is IT. It is the be all and end all of makeup heaven. Upstairs there are gilded mirrors, and shelves sumptuously adorned with row after row of her trademark goodies, and downstairs there are even more products to peruse, not to mention the chance to have your make-up professionally done by some of the best in her whole team throughout the country.

I had an excellent evening, which ended up with me walking away with a few new purchases and some absolutely excellent treats in the form of a goody bag. I will absolutely be back in for a make-over and consultation, the staff are so friendly and chic. Everything is remarkably on-brand, and just exudes Charlotte’s love for a decadent glow, both with the decor and the vast range of products.

We even had Gif of us on the night, projected onto a brick wall, slap bang in the middle of the busy Friday night bustle of Covent Garden! So that is quite something indeed..

If you can’t make it to Charlotte’s store in Covent Garden, you can still have a look at all her products on here!

I am (in case you haven’t gathered already), a MASSIVE CT fan, and I will be reviewing some my favourite products from the brand in the near future. Get ready for life changing make-up. I kid you not!


Lots of Love,




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