Review: Transformulas

Tranformulas Youthful Hands and Feet and Lip Volume *


So, when I was sent these products to try I was definitely intrigued… I’m 26 so not exactly tucking my boobs into my jeans just yet, but I am always keen to have a go at anything ‘anti-aging’ on the market.

Firstly – The YouthFul Hands and Feet lotion (pictured) claims to be ‘invisible gloves and socks’, which aside from sounding a bit creepy when you really think about it… has a decent point. Not many people really respect the fact their hands and feet actually do a f-tonne of work all the time, and actually are one of the biggest giveaways of someones age. You can apply serum to your mug like a mad-man day and night, but if you don’t take care of your extremities then you’ll look a bit like a Picasso-esque photoshop nightmare. Aka, not great.

So… does this work? Actually i’d say yes. It’s definitely an instant fix, and truthfully I’m not sure about the longevity/ changes over time because i’ve only been sampling this for about a week. But, so far, so good. It definitely brightens and smooths the appearance of your hands and feet. I would compare it slightly to heel repair cream, so moisturising in a heavy way without being overtly greasy. If you have chapped/generally worse-for-wear hands or feet (especially now it’s sandal season!)… it’s so worth giving it a go.


Transformulas Lip Volume


The second thing from Transformulas that I have been testing out recently is the ‘Lip Volume’ lip plumping gel. This is a novel thing for me because as much as I have flirted in the past with a variant of lip plumping devices, this is slightly different in the manner of application and results. Some lip plumpers (for those of you who haven’t taken the plunge as it were…), are extremely violent and give you a swollen look in the way that a punch to the face, or a birds eye chilli may. Not ideal.

This isn’t the same thing at all. Only slightly tingly on the lips, you pop this on a couple of times a day for the first few days and then once a day after that because it’s more of a developing treatment, than something that gives you the graphic instant big lip look.


I like both of these products and I totally recommend them for anyone who is feeling a little aged or rough-around-the-edges. If you want to pick them up, you can find them here!


Lots of Love,

Lauren x


*samples are complimentary from the company, but views are my own.



Avo Pesto and Courgetti

This is probably one of my favourite comfort foods at the moment (honestly). As much as perhaps at 3pm on a hungover Sunday I’d rather reach for the take-out menu, this is extremely tasty and satisfying for every day life. It’s also guilt free, but absolutely tastes like it shouldn’t be. Which is always ideal.



It’s also incredibly easy to make, and you just need:

For the Pesto:

1 Avocado, A bunch of Basil, 1/4 cup walnuts, 1 or 2 cloves of garlic (depending on how you like your kick), 1 tbsp Lemon Juice, 1/4 cup Rapeseed oil and pepper and/or fresh chillis/ chilli oil to taste.

Then you just need about 1 or 2 courgettes per person and a spiraliser. If you don’t want to buy a spiraliser you can buy pre-packed courgetti now in some supermarket’s (Waitrose for one…), but mine is super easy to use and clean and fits in my cupboard. Plus it’s like ¬£12. An investment I promise. Pick one up from Amazon now!

Anyway, as I said this is a SUPER easy meal to make. Basically you just wack everything (aside the pepper and chilli) into a blender, and then slowly pour in the oil and blitz until it’s a paste-like consistency. That’s it. Avocado Pesto done.

It’s great because it tastes AMAZING, and its totally diary free. The Rapeseed oil is also a brilliant¬†alternative in life for olive oil, so you can use olive if it’s all you have to hand, but I’m putting this out there with a slight lean towards health. But whichever! Also, definitely save any leftover pesto in the fridge and you can use it with anything (fish, potatoes, salads), it’s just an all-round life hack.


For the Courgetti:

So, this is so simple. You just need to spiralise your Courgette(s) and lightly cook in maybe a little coconut oil, (again Olive is fine), and season lightly with a tiny bit of salt and pepper. You just need to heat it through for around 2 mins, so that it retains some crunch.





Once you’ve cooked the Courgetti, you pop it in a bowl and heap a couple of spoonfuls of the pesto on top. Garnish with whatever you fancy, I absolutely love it with fresh sliced chilli and some Beetkraut (I can do a further post about this if people are keen to know more). And that’s it.

So, easy and amazing. And I promise – SO tasty.


Lots of Love,


Lauren x