Old Blog, New Blog


Hi guys!

It has been a WHILE. I’ve been neglecting this baby blog for such a long time, but I’m back! Over the past few years I have transitioned into Veganism and I can honestly say it’s the best thing i’ve ever done. Food-wise I was veggie for about 20 years anyway, so it hasn’t been that tough in that arena, (I know, I know “but cheese” – seriously your tastebuds change and you get TF over it)…but one thing that really shocked me was the beauty industry.

I interned at a few magazines last year in the beauty departments (I’ve always loved beauty, even just looking at new product launches gives me the full-body chills), but I had honestly NO idea about the whole cruelty-free/China/murky waters situation and when I found out… I was HORRIFIED.

Since then I have been consciously buying vegan and cruelty free products and trying to research as much as humanly possible. I was under the impression that as the UK doesn’t conduct animal testing, all products sold here were legit. But I was so wrong!! So that means bye bye Benefit, c’ya Chanel… do one Dior (you get the picture). So many brands I had grown to love still sell in China and therefore test on fur babies.

Which is SICK in my opinion.

No rabbit, dog, cat or any other sentient being deserves to live in excruciating pain just for the sake of a mascara or blusher.

Surely we can do better than that??!

Well we can. And lots of amazing brands do! So i’m going to be back on here writing about all the best cruelty free brands, delicious plant-based foodie stuff and general green living!


Peace and Love,

Lauren xx

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