Evolve Beauty

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(picture courtesy of @evolvebeautyuk instagram)

When I was asked to the launch of Evolve beauty’s Radiant Glow Mask earlier this year I knew I was already in deep from the second I walked in. From the ethos to the ingredients, Evolve is an all round good-guy in the world of green beauty. My crush has grown with each product I’ve tried and now I can comfortably say that we are in a committed (& probably lifelong) relationship.

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(picture courtesy of @evolvebeautyuk


The Radiant Glow mask was my gateway product. Having heard all about the fantastic way they up-cycle unwanted blueberries and use them as the scrub element in the cacao based dream-cream at the event, I was DELIGHTED when I tried it at home and it excelled all my hopes and prayers. Oh.My.God do you glow. And I mean…like…really, really glow. You pop it on for like 10 minutes (and by the way it honestly smells of chocolate heaven), and then you use the freeze dried blueberry bits to gently exfoliate your face as you wash it off. Actual baby skin. I was SHOOK. (I never say that but whatever – it feels totally appropriate here).

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It’s madness. Witchcraft. But totally ethical, cruelty free and vegan ofc!

I have also been absolutely dying for their body butter now the summer season is (trying to be) here, to give my limbs a little bit of smooth, glossy love. Perfect if you aren’t quite there with the fake tan (or not… you do you!), but you want to add a little oomph to your freshly uncovered legs. Soooo soft and soooo smooth. Genuinely it’s like the softest my skin has felt in basically forever and there is no sticky residue (ew).

And if it couldn’t get any better… it just bloody did. They’ve recently launched a mineral veil SPF20 and a lovely lip balm, both of which they super kindly sent me. The actual dream. The veil is unbelievably easy to wear under makeup (or on its own), it’s not chalky or greasy and just sits comfortably on your skin, hanging out and protecting you from those pesky rays of sun. The lip balm is ‘rose gold’, which I didn’t really understand until I tried it. So natural, yet with an almost plumping, shiny (not glossy) hydrating formula, that makes your lips look sneaky juicy with 0 effort. A subtle shimmer goes a long way apparently, who knew?

So, all in all Evolve is honestly a QUEEN of green beauty and I will be trying way more products from them (and their sister brand S5) in the very near future! So keep your eyes peeled (my god that’s honestly the worst expression in the WORLD, but I’m going to keep it there, so enjoy!).


Have any of you tried Evolve beauty and what did you think? What should I be trying next?

Peace & Love,

Lauren xx

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