Just because we can…


I think the whole concept of testing cosmetics on animals is part of a much broader umbrella factor. It’s the mentality that just because we can that we should, that animals are here for us and not simply with us. Don’t get me wrong, no-one is born perfect; so many of the most passionate vegan advocates were some of the most prolific consumers of meat before they did some research! It’s just a subtle shift in perception that can completely re-centre your beliefs and eventually your actions.

I think a good example is Lobsters. Synonymous with class, quality and taste, these sentient beings can live to be a hundred years old, feel pain (they don’t even go into shock) and are often found wandering around holding claws [see Phoebe from friends re: lobster love]! Yet they are boiled alive.

This is all for taste. Not to save lives, to help the planet or for some wider exceptional good. It’s because its ‘tasty’. 30 seconds of gratification is worth Larry the Lobster being boiled alive so we can eat his cooked, white flesh, while his life partner cries amongst the seaweed. stone-wang-1521527-unsplash

With this is mind, it’s crazy to consider what else we truly do to animals. It’s legal of course, so it must be fine? So much has been legal until movements stood up to the people profiting off abuse. I for one am grateful for my right to vote as a woman, but that came with sacrifice. Legal doesn’t always equate right.

So, back to animal testing for cosmetics… It’s hidden in the shadows, a murky secret masked behind gloss, glitter and glamour. Mice, Rabbits, Cats and Dogs are all used to test cosmetics. Most people love pets. Cat or Dog person, most people would help a poorly pup at the side of the road or a kitten in need, so why buy a mascara that imprisons beagles and subjects them to chemical experiments until they’re killed as ‘waste’? The problem is, the companies who are purely profit driven hide this as much as possible. But it does exist. Ask questions. Search the truth yourself. There is a dirty, abusive underbelly of this beast we call beauty and it needs to change.

Luckily there are so many amazing options out there for cruelty free and vegan beauty and I am going to honestly review all of my favourites to hopefully give you options, making the switch to a guilt-free as easy as possible. I’m truly here to help. (You and the animals!)

What are your favourite animal friendly brands, and what would you love to see me review?

Peace and Love,
Lauren x






Old Blog, New Blog


Hi guys!

It has been a WHILE. I’ve been neglecting this baby blog for such a long time, but I’m back! Over the past few years I have transitioned into Veganism and I can honestly say it’s the best thing i’ve ever done. Food-wise I was veggie for about 20 years anyway, so it hasn’t been that tough in that arena, (I know, I know “but cheese” – seriously your tastebuds change and you get TF over it)…but one thing that really shocked me was the beauty industry.

I interned at a few magazines last year in the beauty departments (I’ve always loved beauty, even just looking at new product launches gives me the full-body chills), but I had honestly NO idea about the whole cruelty-free/China/murky waters situation and when I found out… I was HORRIFIED.

Since then I have been consciously buying vegan and cruelty free products and trying to research as much as humanly possible. I was under the impression that as the UK doesn’t conduct animal testing, all products sold here were legit. But I was so wrong!! So that means bye bye Benefit, c’ya Chanel… do one Dior (you get the picture). So many brands I had grown to love still sell in China and therefore test on fur babies.

Which is SICK in my opinion.

No rabbit, dog, cat or any other sentient being deserves to live in excruciating pain just for the sake of a mascara or blusher.

Surely we can do better than that??!

Well we can. And lots of amazing brands do! So i’m going to be back on here writing about all the best cruelty free brands, delicious plant-based foodie stuff and general green living!


Peace and Love,

Lauren xx

Feed Me Vegan Ready Meals

Feed me Vegan, created by former Made in Chelsea star and proud vegan Lucy Watson has just revolutionised the world of quick and tasty vegan meals. Following on from the success of her two fabulous plant based cook books, Lucy has made food on the go a dream for any vegan looking for delicious, feel good comfort food in a hurry. Aiming to fill the gap in the vegan market, Feed Me Vegan provides three sought after ready meals; curry, chilli and shepherds pie. These gluten free meals are the perfect healthy, tasty and easy go-to choice for any vegan or non-vegan alike who wants a hearty meal without any fuss.

Not only are the meals themselves packed with plant based goodness, but Feed Me Vegan are proud to package all the meals in sustainable and eco-friendly materials, carrying on the ethos of compassion in the brand. The trays are biodegradable and the outer packaging is completely recyclable, so you can be confident that they are doing good inside and out.

I adored all three of these meals, and with the nights closing in and the temperature dropping, there is nothing better than curling up with your favourite warm comfort food.


The shepherds pie is packed full of hearty, rich flavour and teamed with your favourite vegetables, makes for a perfect week night pick-me-up.



The curry is a zingy, mouth-watering dish that is ideal for a Saturday night in, it’s like your favourite take away, with none of the guilt.


Chili_Edit_SM1Last but not least, the chili is a true taste bud sensation. Perfect with rice, or with a jacket potato and grated vegan cheese, it’s a totally satisfying Winter warmer, with a real kick of spice.

It is great to know that as a vegan, taste or effort doesn’t have to be compromised and all of the meals are available in 155 Waitrose and Partners* stores across the country, meaning you can pick one (or all three) up with your weekly shop and know you always have something delicious and healthy ready to go if you need dinner in a snap.


*Selected stores only, subject to availability

Charlotte Tilbury Store Pre-Launch

To set this site off with a bang, I thought I would delve into one of my favourite nights of 2015 (November 27th 2015 to be precise), when I was lucky enough to be invited to the pre-launch of the make-up aficionado, Charlotte Tilbury’s brand new Covent Garden store.

We were greeted with a glass of bubbles as we walked into the glimmering Rose-Gold themed shop. It’s honestly like a treasure trove, whether you are a make-up obsessive or not, I can guarantee that your inner Magpie tendencies will kick into action the minute you look around at all the golden goodness on display.

If you are a fan of Charlotte’s already… well let’s just say this is IT. It is the be all and end all of makeup heaven. Upstairs there are gilded mirrors, and shelves sumptuously adorned with row after row of her trademark goodies, and downstairs there are even more products to peruse, not to mention the chance to have your make-up professionally done by some of the best in her whole team throughout the country.

I had an excellent evening, which ended up with me walking away with a few new purchases and some absolutely excellent treats in the form of a goody bag. I will absolutely be back in for a make-over and consultation, the staff are so friendly and chic. Everything is remarkably on-brand, and just exudes Charlotte’s love for a decadent glow, both with the decor and the vast range of products.

We even had Gif of us on the night, projected onto a brick wall, slap bang in the middle of the busy Friday night bustle of Covent Garden! So that is quite something indeed..

If you can’t make it to Charlotte’s store in Covent Garden, you can still have a look at all her products on here!

I am (in case you haven’t gathered already), a MASSIVE CT fan, and I will be reviewing some my favourite products from the brand in the near future. Get ready for life changing make-up. I kid you not!


Lots of Love,